The background organisation of Zodiak – Centre for New Dance is Zodiak Presents ry, a non-profit organisation registered in 1986.

The association works to promote and develop dance-based art, to build and nurture interest and understanding of dance as art and to support dance performances and audience education work in both Finland and abroad.

In order to achieve its goals, the organisation… 

  • maintains a dance centre named Zodiak 
  • arranges dance performances, festivals and other comparable events 
  • arranges rehearsals, courses and training events 
  • arranges communication, research and publication activities 
  • arranges other performance and theatre activities 
  • collaborates with other like-minded organisations.

Individuals that accept the organisation’s goals can join it as regular members. Support members are individuals or legal bodies that want to support Zodiak’s goals and activities. Member applications are accepted by Zodiak’s executive board. 

The entities in charge of Zodiak’s finances and administration are the organisation’s general meeting and executive board. Zodiak’s artistic activities and profile are the responsibility of the organisation’s artistic director and an artistic board. Zodiak’s annual program is based on an open call for productions.

Zodiak Presents ry’s executive board 2024–2025:


  • Head of Producer Services Nina Numminen


  • Managing direrctor Riitta Aittokallio
  • Lighting designer Meri Ekola
  • Head of Education and Customer Experience Heljä Franssila
  • Dance artist Laura Jantunen
  • Doctoral researcher Lilja Lehmuskallio
  • Choreographer Jarkko Partanen
  • Lecturer Maria Saivosalmi-Katinas
  • Dance artist Esete Sutinen