Zodiak is located at the Cable Factory. Zodiak's premises include a studio stage, rehearsal studios C4 (170 m2) ja B2 (95 m2) plus an office and storage and social facilities.

Zodiak stage

Zodiak stage is a black-box theatre with floor space of approx. 200 m2. The space is very versatile: a variety of custom stage and seating configurations are possible. The floor is a sprng floor, painted black. White, black and grey dance mats are available.

image (360°): stage curtains closed
image (360°): stage curtains open


Studio C4

Zodiak's studio C4 is a rehearsal studio (170 m2). It can be used for rehearsals and workshops as well as small-scale performances, installations, lectures and events. Studio C4 is located at staircase C, fourth floor. The floor is made of wood, painted light grey.

image (360°): C4
image (360°): C4 foyer


Studio B2

Smaller rehearsal studio (95 m2) is located at staircase B, second floor. The floor is coverd with a black dance mat.

image (360°): B2