In addition to performances, Zodiak offers different ways of participating for everyone interested in contemporary dance. We focus on building genuine and rich communication between the artists and the audience. The activities we offer include courses, workshops, various kinds of community art projects and dance productions.

How to participate in Zodiak courses

Zodiak offers dance courses and workshops for both dance enthusiasts and professional dancers. The courses and the workshops primarily take place in Zodiak's own studios at the Cable Factory. Zodiak facilities are free of obstructions and accessible by wheelchair unless otherwise indicated. Course languages in all courses are Finnish and English, and in some courses Swedish.

Zodiak’s open courses are intended for dancers of all ages – from teenagers to senior citizens. All course activities are performed taking each participant’s physical and personal capacities into account. The same course or workshop may have beginners, advanced non-professionals and professional dancers participating.

If any special skill or experience is required to participate in a course, it will be stated in the course description. Zodiak’s courses and workshops range from intensive courses of a few days to more extensive programmes lasting several weeks.

Our course instructors are artists who work actively in the Finnish and the international dance scene, and their works are often featured in Zodiak’s programme of performances. Our courses and workshops open perspectives to different practices of contemporary dance or explore the themes of an individual production.

In addition to motion-based courses, our programme often features themed course packages and courses that bring more than one art form into play. In our courses and workshops the participants are strongly present as active agents who engage in a dialogue with the instructor.

Registering on a course

Registering on a course takes place on our website through the link in the course description. Registering and payment for the course take place at the same time in the online shop. Courses can also be purchased at the Cable Factory ticket selling info desks.

You will receive a reminder two days prior to the beginning of the course. If participating a course requires any preparing in advance or special equipment, you will be informed in advance in the course description on the website and in a separate e-mail when necessary.

Payment and cancellation

In case of acute illness, please get in touch with Zodiak. Your course payment may be refunded only against a medical certificate. If there are not enough participants in a course, Zodiak will inform all participants about the cancellation by email 10 days prior to the beginning of a course or workshop and will reimburse the participation fee to the customer.
Zodiak’s courses and workshops can also be paid with SmartumPay app, ePassi and MobilePay app and with Smartum exercise and culture vouchers (only at the ticket selling info desk at the Cable Factory, Lasipiha & Kaapelitehtaan Konttori).

How to participate in Zodiak projects and productions

Zodiak arranges art projects open for everyone. Participants of all ages, skill levels and abilities are warmly welcome. Zodiak’s offering of performances also features productions with non-professional dancers almost every year.

Participating in our projects and productions is free of charge. We do our best to make our activities available and accessible for all participants. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know if you have any special needs, and we’ll work out a way for you to participate. 

For more information about our art projects and productions, following Zodiak’s Facebook page, visiting our web site regularly and subscribing to our newsletter are recommended. We announce new events and workshops in all three channels.

The selection process is different for each performance. Some projects accept participants based on registration order, while others may ask you to tell a little bit about yourself and your motivation. Some projects may have a dance audition or an introductory workshop. If you are interested in our projects and like performing, we recommend following Zodiak’s social medial channels actively. Information about our projects is available in Zodiak Info: Projects and networks

For more information, please contact:
Elina hauta-aho,, tel. 050 587 0470