Zodiak is a contemporary dance production house and a venue. In addition to its permanent staff, Zodiak has more than 400 production-specific artist roles annually. You can apply for Zodiak’s productions, projects and audience work through various channels.


We arrange an open call for productions every year in September or October. The curated seasonal program and the programme selections are mainly based on this open application process.

Zodiak is the co-producer of the productions selected into Zodiak’s seasonal programme. The co-production contract is made between Zodiak and the choreographer or the convener of the workgroup. Zodiak supports the workgroups working in the co-production environment and participates in the production process in the role of a dialogue partner. Zodiak does not own the production. The artistic copyright remains with the artwork.

The conveners/choreographers assemble their own workgroups. Sometimes, performers are auditioned for Zodiak co-productions through dance auditions. These are announced on the Zodiak website in the news section and in Zodiak’s social medial channels.

Courses and workshops

Zodiak arranges courses and workshops for dance enthusiasts, professional dancers and other artists working with performing arts.

The objective of the course and workshop activities is to offer work opportunities for artists who work with dance, to bring contemporary dance closer to dance enthusiasts through a hands-on approach and to provide a shared platform for contemporary dance practice.

Our workshops for dance professionals provide training opportunities for artists already working as dancers or with dance. The professional workshops usually focus on a specific practice within contemporary dance or explore the methods of an individual director. Some of the courses are linked to Zodiak’s current programme of performances.

Workshop and course ideas can be submitted through Zodiak’s call for productions and by e-mail to producer Elina Hauta-aho. Workshops can be a part of a production concept or a separate whole. You can also let us know by e-mail if you are interested in becoming an instructor or available as a substitute instructor in Zodiak’s courses that are open for everyone.


Zodiak works with different productions and audience work projects. Project employees are usually searched for using an open application process, and sometimes through direct recruiting. Open positions are posted on Zodiak’s website and in our newsletters.