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Welcome to an exploration of the deep wisdom of the body! The popular series of classes from autumn 2016 is back – now as an intense weekend workshop. The new workshop is a continuation course for students who have completed the first part, but is also excellent for first-timers. It is a confidential and therapeutic opportunity to explore the experiences of the lived body.

The Body as a Guide workshop is intended to improve the participants' skill for presence, relaxation, self-awareness and sensory perception. Techniques used in the workshop include elements from Authentic Movement and TRE (Tension, Stress & Trauma Releasing Exercises) methods, and breathing exercises. TRE activates the body's natural recovery mechanism, releasing deep muscle tensions, while the Authentic Movement method meditates on the personal experience through movement, posture, drawing and perception. No preliminary skills are required.

Doctor of Dance, dancer and TRE instructor Kirsi Törmi has made a long career as a dancer and a choreographer. She also worked as the artistic director of the Routa Group from 2002 to 2011. She currently works as a freelance dancer/choreographer and as a part-time researcher in the ArtsEqual project. In August 2016, she started a 3-year post as the artistic director of the Full Moon Dance Festival. She is also in the apprenticeship stage in gestalt therapy studies in the Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia.

TRE (Tension, Stress & Trauma Releasing Exercises) is an easy-to-learn stress release method based on the body's biological and neurological capacity to recover from stressful situations. The exercise triggers the natural recovery mechanism that starts as a shaking or trembling of the muscles. The exercise begins with simple series of movements used to launch the trembling that relaxes the body. As deep muscle tensions are released, an inclination towards a comprehensive reorganisation that integrates physical sensations, emotions and thinking is awakened in the body. The exercise has potential to trigger a profound process that helps control stress in the present moment. After the course the exercises can be performed independently at home. TRE groups and individual guidance are also available.

Authentic Movement is a free-movement method that meditates on the personal experience through movement and interaction. It is based on spontaneous motion with another person present as an eyewitness. Movement is performed with eyes closed, which makes the sensation and experience of movement deeper. The Authentic Movement method was invented in the 1960s, when dance therapist Mary Whitehouse combined expressive dance and the Jungian notion of active imagination. 

Friday 17 March at 18-20 / Zodiak Studio B2
Saturday 18 March at 10-17 / Zodiak Studio C4
Sunday 19 March at 10-15 / Zodiak Studio C4
Kirsi Törmi
Location: Zodiak Studios C4 & B2
Duration: 3 sessions / 14 hours
Participation fee: 133 €
Enrolment by 2.3.
Cancellations by 9.3.

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