THIS COURSE IS FULL. Hanna Ahti’s Indulge the Movement sessions focus on dance that flows through the bodies of every dancer.

Hanna Ahti's courses engages in exercises that make translating dance from inside the body into spatial motion happen as freely as possible. Tune-in exercises are used to open the body into a listening, free and pleasurable dance. We dance to silence and to music. The course is suitable for dancers of all experience levels.

Hanna Ahti is a Helsinki-based dancer, performer and performance inventor. She has worked in the context of contemporary dance, new dance and performing arts internationally and in Finland since 2000. Her latest works as a convener include Svett (2021, Zodiak and Teater Viirus), and Kasa (2020, Mad House Helsinki and Titanik Galleria). She is a member of the recently established “rendezvous” artistic community.

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Indulge the Movement - Contemporary Dance for All 2022 course series has been designed based on wishes and feedback by Zodiak's course and workshop participants. Based on the feedback, the length of the course has also been increased to six weeks.