Autumn season 2021 Wednesday classes begin with Jessica Piasecki.
Indulge in Movement courses are suitable for all interested in contemporary dance, despite of skill or experience levels. The five-week-periods provide a possibility to acquaint yourself with different movement practises, as well as with contemporary dance professionals.

This Indulge in Movement workshop consists of warm-ups, motion-based activities and sharing of body stories. Aiming for free and easy experimentation, we explore the rhythms of taking hold and letting go in motion, study the shapes of the unexamined and the well-defined, give physical expression to our mental images through play and write motion-propositions for each other. The coronavirus situation permitting, we will also experiment with physical touch. Observations are shared verbally and through physical expression. The course encourages each participant to dance setting out from his or her personal starting points, themes and interests.

* * *

Jessica Piasecki is an artist, dance instructor, choreographer and performer who works in the capital region. Her work is based on interaction, instances of sincere desire and the politics of time use; on a peeling off, on the shapes and figures of the body and on the notions of collective body, experimentation and play. She has studied art in Theatre Academy Helsinki, followed by project work as a freelancer in different workgroups using direct and indirect action.