People's Practice Group is a dance class open for everyone, where motion is guided through mental images and references to human anatomy. The lessons consist of non-stop motion guided by the instructor's movements and verbal instructions. The aim is to explore the creation of personal motion, its limitless possibilities and dynamic variations.

Kati Korosuo and Maija Nurmio take turns as the instructor. It is possible to enrol either for the whole spring season (10 times), or for the 5 time period.

Kati Korosuo: In People's Practice Group, my long-term interest in improvisation and structures comes together with my focus on presence and the organic development of each session. I am very much inspired by the Gaga technique, and I have spent months in Tel Aviv participating in Gaga/people classes. However, unlike Gaga, People's Practice Group does not suggest or follow any particular aesthetics or hierarchic thinking. Instead, it focuses on everyone's personal physical capacities, listening to them, and following them through the guidance given in the classes.

Maija Nurmio: People’s Practice Group is a low-threshold way of starting to move in a very special way, to celebrate one's own body and its current capacity for motion, and the possibility of opening into new directions. To a very large extent, it is a question of enjoying the motion; the lightness, the depth, the unfamiliarity, the sensuality, the intelligence, the joy and the novelty. My way of conducting the People’s Practice Group draws on my experience from Gaga practice and other somatic methods both in Finland and abroad.