Zodiak has three rehearsal and performance spaces available for rent. The facilities are made available for dance professionals for non-commercial rehearsal use at a subsidised price.

Subsidised prices for dance professionals:

  • Zodiak Studio B2: €10/hour
  • Zodiak Studio C4: €15/hour
  • Zodiak Stage: €80/hour 

The customer is in charge of all activities in the space that is rented as well as the appropriate use of the space, the technical equipment, the dance floors and all other materials. The customer is responsible for compensating in full any damage caused to the facilities, technical equipment, dance floors or other property by the customer. 

For rentals, please contact producer Elina Hauta-aho.

Open rehearsals

The facilities can be used for arranging open rehearsal sessions that are free of charge to the participants. The studios are not available for performances or for workshops or courses that have an entry fee. In all communications concerning the open rehearsal session the name Zodiak must be mentioned as the venue. The official names of the facilities are Zodiak Studio C4 and Zodiak Studio B2. The communications must clearly indicate that the event is arranged by the renter.

Technical equipment

As a rule, Zodiak’s technical equipment is reserved for Zodiak’s current programme of performances. For rentals of technical equipment, please contact technical director Anna Pöllänen.

Production consulting for works selected into seasonal programme

The workgroup has full responsibility for completing the co-production in time for its premiere in all respects. In co-productions, Zodiak’s role as the co-producer is primarily to support and to facilitate the production process. We offer production help, technical consultation and dialogue in artistic questions for our artistic workgroups as required.

If your workgroup needs support or advice in production-related or technical matters, please get in touch with producer Markus Alanen.

Post-production and performances outside Zodiak

Zodiak supports the extended lifecycle of its premieres and the employment of artists working with Zodiak through the following:

  • By participating as the contract party and providing production support for guest performances.
  • By participating as the contract party in professional performances of individual dance artists outside Finland.
  • By arranging invoicing and salary payments for performances of individual works or performers in situations where the customer cannot make the payment in the form of a salary but has to be invoiced instead.
  • By providing post-production sparring and mentoring (budgets, riders, dossiers, contracts). 

For the services listed above, please contact producer Elina Ruoho-Kurola.