Community Dance Artist Anna Jussilainen and researcher, professor Taina Kinnunen are both studied the different meanings of touch and contact. Being touched is very important for our well-being. It strenghten our body awareness and positive connection towards other people.

In this course the participants will approach these themes by practical excersices and theory. Simple body techniques will open new perspectives to touch as a tool for expressing one self and interaction with others. Course is open for everyone who is interested in this theme. It is well suited for people working in the fields of care and education and for those who are interested in cultural anthropology, movement and moving.

INSTRUCTORS: Anna Jussilainen ja Taina Kinnunen
TIME: Saturday 1.2. 1pm-6pm (5 h)
PLACE: Zodiak studio C4
FEE: 50€

Last date for enrollments and withdrawals is seven days prior to the beginning. After this date, refunds for withdrawals are only possible in case of illness with doctor’s certificate required. Without a certificate, course fee is due in full amount. For more information, please contact




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