Don't try to be interesting – be interested
- Phillippe Gaullier

This course provides tools for creative dance, both individually and in a group.

Use technique for virtuosity
- Jess Curtis

The aim is to develop abilities in multilayered and analytic tasks in dance, while not forgetting the joy of dancing. The course improves dancers’ articulation, spatial, temporal and qualitative understanding and perception – and independent creativity in the moment.

Technique of the joints is used to find a body bigger than self – as if a single body was a complete ballet troupe.  Group tasks are used to becoming more sensitive towards a ’big body’ and its movements. Techniques used in the course include free dance and set combinations from e.g. the repertoire of Liisa Risu. Group scores are also utilised.

TIME: Wednesdays and Fridays 17.4.–10.5. at 9.30–11.30, total 14 hrs (Note! No class on Wed 1.5.)

PLACE: Zodiak Studio C4

FEE: 80 €