Zodiak CoCommission is a new production category that aims to facilitate the production of big ideas for big stages and big audiences. Our aim is to take the aesthetics of big stages to the 2020s without compromising the hard core of contemporary art.

During the year before the premiere, the CoCommission support includes:

  • one week of paid on-stage residence for the workgroup (max 10 ppl) at Zodiak Stage
  • mentoring and promotion support

During the year of the premiere, the CoCommission support includes:

  • a production support of appr. 34 000 € (alv 0%) (level in 2020, will be revised yearly)
  • reimbursement for administration costs (revised yearly)
  • Approximately 4 weeks of studio rehearsal time
  • one-week on-stage residence at Zodiak Stage

The aim is to have 4 to 8 performances at (for example) Dance House Helsinki (big or small stage). The audience target for CoCommissions is 1700–2800, depending on the venue.

Further detailss availble in English soon.

More information:

Harri Kuorelahti, artistic director, harri.kuorelahti@zodiak.fi
Maija Eränen, producer, maija.eranen@zodiak, puh. 041 319 0399