In this course lead by dancer and choreographer Linda Priha the concept of proving, in a bodily context, is examined by different duet and group excercises. The aim is to learn how to observe every moment in a versatile manner. In the excercises based on contact improvisation and other body contact techniques the main tools are the look and touch.

The participants will also get to know body & mind methods, which aim to release energy. The energy from the body will be opened up for example by shaking, breathing and voice. This course will encourage participants to focus on their inner self as a unique personalities and styles of movement. And also to challenge the familiar and safe.

TIME: Tiistaisin klo 18-20, 22.4.-27.5. (6 krt)
PLACE: Zodiak studio C4
FEE: 70€

Enrollment has ended. For further information, please contact or 050 587 0470.

Last date for enrollments and withdrawals is seven days prior to the beginning. After this date, refunds for withdrawals are only possible in case of illness with doctor’s certificate required. Without a certificate, course fee is due in full amount. For more information, please contact