Welcome to an introduction to the themes, processes and the fabulous team behind Flashdance!

The course given by W A U H A U S members Anni Klein and Jarkko Partanen takes us down to the night. Klein and Partanen are interested in what kinds of dramaturgical potential various circumstances created for a performance can open.

Questions asked during the course include:

  • How can the context of the performance (space, time, place, participants) form the dramaturgical framework and the starting point of a performance?
  • What is the relationship between materiality and overall dramaturgy?
  • How can the performer be the author of dramaturgy, and how can the dramaturgy of a performance be worked on and developed from the stage?
  • What is the role of the spectator as an author of dramaturgy?  

The themes are approached through discussions, activities and examples from actual performances. The course also includes watching of Flashdance on Saturday 10 December at 22:30 and meeting the workgroup after the performance.

The course is open for everyone interested in the questions. It is suitable for dance enthusiasts as well as professionals and students of performing arts.

Saturday 10 December at 18-22 and performance at 22.30
Sunday 11 December at 12-16
Instructors: Anni Klein and Jarkko Partanen
Location: Zodiak Studio C4
Duration: 2 sessions / 8 hours
Participation fee: 85 € (includes a ticket to the performance)
Enrolment by 27.11.
Cancellations by 2.12.

Availability is limited, so sign up in time! Welcome letters and invoices are sent to participants immediately after registration closes. Cancellations must be communicated no later than seven days before the course begins. With the exception of injuries and illnesses certified in writing by a doctor, cancellations made later than seven days before the course or workshop are subject to full course fee.

Please bring a receipt of your course payment to the first meeting of your course. Zodiak's courses and workshops can also be paid using pre-paid Liikuntaseteli and Kulttuuriseteli vouchers (Smartum Oy) as well as Virikeseteli vouchers (Edenred Oy).

For further inquiries, please contact Inari Pesonen at or 050 412 7116 (weekdays from 11 am to 4 pm).