The renaissance feminine is an artist who longs for intuitive and affective thought processes and experiences in this time, and wants to throw herself into interdisciplinary artistic materials on the stage. The renaissance feminine plays music, sings, writes, drinks, smokes, eats, acts, directs, dances, analyses, rages, paints, cries, draws, radiates brilliance, installs, sculpts, loves, designs video, light and sound, chats with people, spies on others, develops new theories – openly and secretly, from others and from herself.

The course for professionals that builds around this all offers exercises that promote and support the courage to celebrate oneself and one’s renaissance feminine friends as a fresh context for making art. Personal and shared intimacies may present excellent opportunities for exploring these special vibrations, experiencing a deep joy of creativity and flouting the latest art trends. This offers a chance for brewing a storm, for experimenting and reflecting on worlds and politics that feel meaningful and relevant to the self.

The Emotional Stage of the Renaissance Feminine (Part II) is intended for all genders, and forms an independent continuation of the workshop’s first instalment. Participation in part one is not a requirement for the second part. Interdisciplinary artists Pirinen and Väätänen invite 15 professionals to join them in luxuriation setting out from these starting points together and alone.

Saturday-Sunday 7.-8.12. at 10-15
instructors: Elina Pirinen & Heidi Väätänen
Place: Zodiak studio C4
Duration:  10 h
Participation fee: 120 euro
Enrolment by 21.11.
Enrolment here.

Elina Pirinen is a choreographer, dancer, composer and musician who works in Finland and abroad as an artistic director and dance teacher. The focus of her work is on a celebratory, affective, emancipatory and deep connection between the body, language, visual elements and music. She has collaborated regularly with Heidi Väätänen, Zodiak – Centre of New Dance, Kiasma Theatre, Mad House Helsinki and the Live Art Society, and works as head of dance art in the Swedish-speaking department of acting at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, and as a visiting lecturer in other departments. In addition to her artistic work, she is an animal rights activist who works with abused domestic animals, and creates some intensely indie baroque doom music with her orchestra Al2Be3.

Heidi Väätänen works as a dramatist and writer in contemporary dance and theatre. She has graduated from the University of the Arts Helsinki in 2013. She is currently fascinated by deep yet amusing literature and the potential of imagination and fantasy writing in performance art. During the past few years she has worked frequently with choreographer Elina Pirinen. Their latest collaboration was entitled Brume de Mer (MDT Stockholm, Zodiak 2018). In addition to her own artistic work, Väätänen has taught in Theatre Academy Helsinki and the Open University of Jyväskylä.

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