Activate your language skills and improve your spoken English. This language course uses movement, games, music and dance for the improvement of practical language skills, e.g. greetings, introductions, hobbies and everyday language. Grammar is reinforced through action; movement is used to learn prepositions, tenses, directions and sentence structures.

Zodiak organises this workshop on kinesthetic language learning in co-operation with HERO (Helsinki Regional Diverse Learners’ Association). HERO is an advocacy organisation for diverse learners – adults and children with learning difficulties caused by dyslexia, for example. Members include professionals, parents and affected learners.

English in Action is intended for anyone who finds traditional language teaching methods difficult, or who wishes to try out action-based learning.

Dancer and dance teacher Jenna Rignell has worked as kinesthetic language teacher of English, Swedish and Finnish. She is a participant in Zodiak’s development project on kinesthetic language teaching


Time: On Thursdays 20.9.–22.11. From 5pm to 6.30pm, Total 10 krt
Location: Please Notice: Erilaisen oppimisen keskus, Vilhonkatu 4, Helsinki
Course Fee: 60 €
Enrollment by 12.9. hero@lukihero.fi
Additional Information katja.kirsi@zodiak.fi