In the Indulge the Movement course by Marlon Moilanen, the body is allowed to vibrate, rumble, and dance to its poetry, reaching for alternative artistic landscapes.

The participants of the course are encouraged to ignite a dance from emotional, energetically vibrant events and landscapes. For example, love, grief, fear, love, anger, love. Or heart, tongue, toe, heart, eye, cry, toe. The course invites the participants to practise the soulful dance of the body, which is allowed to expand into the poetic expression, passions, clumsiness, ecstasy, destructiveness, and darkness of the body. The exercises revolve around the physical, energetic, and psychic planes, weaved together by the body. The exercises are done from within the body, reaching out to connect with others. During the first half of the class, we explore the evening's theme through stimulating exercises, and the second half is spent on a longer journey with others. The class encourages the participants to indulge in an autonomous but shared dance as embodied expression.

Marlon Moilanen is a dancer based in Helsinki. Performing mainly in the realms of contemporary dance and performance, he works with the psychic and soulfully experienced body, which allows the contradictory human being to be seen on the stage – where sensitivity, darkness and humor are often in intimate relations. Recently, he has collaborated with choreographers Maija Hirvanen, Sonja Jokiniemi, Liisa Pentti, Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir and Karolina Ginman. Moilanen performed at Zodiak in 2022 in Maija Hirvanens piece Mesh. Besides dance art, he currently researches contemporary legal issues and governance of social rights at the University of Helsinki. The socio-legal perspectives also inspire his artistic interests in e.g. the political possibilities of the body and questions of disagreement and consensus at the stages of dance art.

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Indulge the Movement – Contemporary dance for all courses are mainly instructed by the choreographers and performers of Zodiak’s current and upcoming season’s programme of performances. Indulge the Movement courses are suitable for everyone, and you can participate even without previous dance experience. Indulge the Movement – Contemporary dance for all courses focus on motion and movement, but they also offer an opportunity to explore different dance practices with alternating instructors.