The course led by Meri Pajunpää focuses on listening to the body through breathing, with the help of movement coordinations that gently open the body. Gradually, we progress towards more active movement exercises, and as if by accident, we find ourselves dancing, in the vortex of movement.

During the classes, participants are encouraged to listen to their own body and mind. Feel free to let loose and sweat as much as you want, but don’t hesitate to take it easy if your mood calls for it. You’re welcome to join the class tired or energetic, after a long day or ready to take on the world. We work through both anatomical and imaginative movement exercises while keeping in mind that we always dance in relation to something – space, sound, and each other. For the rest of the class, we explore the tools of in-the-moment choreography and together as a group create a collective dance unique to each day.

Meri Pajunpää is an independent dance artist working in Finland and Belgium. She has worked on numerous projects as a dancer in Europe and made her own choreographies and collaborations with musicians and visual artists. In addition to her work as a performer and choreographer, Meri teaches improvisation-oriented contemporary dance classes aimed at professionals and students. Meri's artistic work is characterised by close collaboration with artists from various fields and an interest in integrating qigong and tai chi practices in movement research.

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Indulge the Movement – Contemporary dance for all courses are mainly instructed by the choreographers and performers of Zodiak’s current and upcoming season’s programme of performances. Indulge the Movement courses are suitable for everyone, and you can participate even without previous dance experience. Indulge the Movement – Contemporary dance for all courses focus on motion and movement, but they also offer an opportunity to explore different dance practices with alternating instructors.