During the course led by Outi Markkula, we tune rhythmically, experimentally, and socially into the feeling of dance.

Through simple movement and somatic exercises, we explore the expression that arises from our own body and how our body reacts to different external impulses such as music, space, or other people. The exercises are based on improvisation, curiosity, and playfulness. You don’t need any specific previous experience or knowledge to attend the classes – instead, we focus on the joy of wondering, exploring, and discovering together. What kinds of qualities, rhythms, and pathways do I feel emerging from my body today? And what kind of dance will emerge between us? In addition to contemporary dance and other dance art genres, Outi's movement history lies in Finnish folk dance, which influences both her teaching and artistic work. In Outi's classes, the tradition of folk dance shines through as the special relationship of dance with music and rhythm, spatial orientation, pair and group work, and improvisation and play.

Outi Markkula is a dance artist who graduated from Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy in 2017. She works in the art field as a performer, choreographer and writer, and from 2020, as the editor-in-chief of the online dance magazine Liikekieli.com. In her artistic work, Outi is interested in the experience of dance and music and meanings that dance and movement convey personally, culturally, and historically. Outi has performed in several works by choreographer Jenni-Elina von Bagh and has created multi-artistic collaborations for e.g.mZodiak – Centre for New Dance, Routa Company and Dance House Helsinki. In 2022, Outi graduated as an instructor of dance movement therapy from Eino Roiha Institute.

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Indulge the Movement – Contemporary dance for all courses are mainly instructed by the choreographers and performers of Zodiak’s current and upcoming season’s programme of performances. Indulge the Movement courses are suitable for everyone, and you can participate even without previous dance experience. Indulge the Movement – Contemporary dance for all courses focus on motion and movement, but they also offer an opportunity to explore different dance practices with alternating instructors.