The Indulge the Movement -contemporary dance for everyone courses focus on movement and dance. Three instructors open three different perspectives to contemporary dance and personal expression through motion. The course activities are planned so that individuals with no previous dance experience may also participate fully.

Maria Saivosalmi's course focuses on exploration of the body's internal states through movement and dance. Course activities consist primarily of improvisations that are used to explore our familiar paths and ways of moving and to encourage development towards the new. The objective of the course is to direct the dancers towards a holistic understanding of motion in relation to the physical body and the courage to be openly present.

Indulge the movement, course 3
On Wednesdays at 6pm-7.30pm, 12.11.-10.12 (5 times)
Instructor: Maria Saivosalmi
Place: Zodiak Studio C4
Fee 50€

NOTICE! Course is full.  For further inquires, please contact Elina Ruoho-Kurola at or 050 587 0470 (weekdays from 11 am to 4 pm).

Availability is limited, so sign up in time! Welcome letters and invoices are sent to participants immediately after registration closes. Cancellations must be communicated no later than seven days before the course begins. With the exception of injuries and illnesses certified in writing by a doctor, cancellations made later than seven days before the course or workshop are subject to full course fee.

Please bring a receipt of your course payment to the first meeting of your course. Zodiak's courses and workshops can also be paid using pre-paid Liikuntaseteli and Kulttuuriseteli vouchers (Smartum Oy) as well as Virikeseteli vouchers (Edenred Oy).

For further information, please contact Elina Ruoho-Kurola at or 050 587 0470 (weekdays from 11 am to 4 pm).