The Indulge the Movement workshop by Heli Keskikallio consists of motion exercises that take the material qualities of the human body as their starting point.

We surrender to the weight and the mass of the body, let it flow and shake it up. We explore the connections between ourselves, the space and its material properties. We perform improvisation exercises based on deep sensing and tune into the microscopic flickering between us. We work solo, in pairs and collectively; we move and are moved collectively by our dance, weaving a shared terrain

Heli Keskikallio is a Helsinki-based choreographer, performer and dance instructor interested in exploring the different registers of bodily thinking and its manifestations. In her works, she has explored mass, the carnality of the body, the touch, questions of virtuosity and imperfection and the representations of the female body in the popular culture. Her works have been staged in the URB, UrbanApa, Kaktus and PlatformNord festivals. She has graduated as a Master of Arts from the choreography programme of the Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki in 2016, and as a dance instructor from the Savonia University of Applied Sciences in 2010. In addition to her artistic output, she has worked as the head teacher of dance in West Finland College from 2011 to 2019.