In Spring 2022, a new group instructed by Kati Raatikainen, will start in North East Helsinki. You can either participate in one six-week course or attend for a full twelve-week period.

This Indulge the Movement workshop is guided by our inner nature. We approach motion starting with the various systems and layers of the human body: cells, bones, emotions, the nervous system and the muscles. We breathe in the motion and move in the breathing, exploring how our unique, individual bodies resonate while we simultaneously look for connections to others and the world that permeates us. 

The workshop consists of motion exercises suitable for “everyone” – in other words as many as possible – starting with the development of a deeper mind/body connection and body awareness, but never forgetting the joy of dance and the rapture of music! 

I am a Helsinki-based choreographer, performance artist, dance and yoga instructor, community artist and a thinker fond of writing. My teaching is largely based on lived, experienced anatomy and the exploration of the development of motion, which I have studied under Satu Palokangas. Elements important to my approach include the awakening of the connections between different parts of the body and the defusing of tensions. The motion exercises address bodily wholes, directions of motion, motion chains and all the layers of the body.

My artistic work is interdisciplinary. I like to focus on questions of ecology and to work with different groups of people. In my work I often experiment with how the social field could, with each performance or process, be thought of and organised into a fairer and more equal order – also beyond the human and the individual.

I currently work as a freelance choreographer, run a somatic yoga training program in Central Ostrobothnia and work as part of the artistic team and the production team of the Kokkolan Talvitanssit winter dance festival.

* * * * *

Indulge the Movement - Contemporary Dance for All 2022 course series has been designed based on wishes and feedback by Zodiak's course and workshop participants. Based on the feedback, the length of the course has also been increased to six weeks.