The first classes or Autumn 2021 are danced with Kauri Sorvari.
Indulge in Movement courses are suitable for all interested in contemporary dance, despite of skill or experience levels. The five-week-periods provide a possibility to acquaint yourself with different movement practises, as well as with contemporary dance professionals.

In the sessions we learn of performing through performing, create ideas through improvisation and dance to ourselves and to each other.

We practice performing both solo and in groups of various sizes, while at the same time reflecting on different ways how dance can manifest and become visible. We probe our desires in relation to our own artistic work, learn to ask our artist colleagues for help and mutually support our performances. We also verbalise these lightning-fast processes.

* * *

Kauri Sorvari graduated as a dancer from the Turku Conservatory of Music, as a Bachelor and Master of Arts from the Theatre Academy in 2019 and has studied as an exchange student in the SODA programme in Berlin in 2018–2019. Sorvari has performed extensively in contemporary dance, dance films, contemporary music theatre, applied dance and participatory theatre.