The following workshop is based on my ongoing fascination with the performance and inherent transience of physical, emotional and behavioral states of matter. At first glance, states of matter seem to be fixed entities, though if one looks closer at the borders between solid, liquid, plasma and gas they begin to blur. All states are in transition. The body is a fluid, gaseous and electric vessel for change. Our alchemical presence on stage can be processed through a multitude of filters such as, a sudden jump, a smooth transition, a mixture of all states at once or a process of flashing from one state to the other. In the chaotic microcosm of particle fields all states coexist simultaneously, and some are indecisive as to which field or plane they belong.

Morning Session - We start this process with a thorough warm up of Yoga and Pilates to stretch and strengthen our bodies.  We then crank up some classic house or 70’s disco for Body Weather inspired exorcizes that bring us into rhythmic movement patterns across the floor. Finally I like to wrap up the morning sessions by leading the group through a series of somatic visualizations using gentle verbal cues and inspiring music. The visualizations can be esoteric, psychedelic, punk rock, ridiculous and even Sci Fi in nature. The intent of this hypnotic practice is to cultivate our awareness and conscious participation with the holographic body by actively scanning through multiple points and groups of points as we move.  While guiding the group through their anatomy I begin to introduce a sensual and shifting pallet of imagined environments. The combination of inspiring music, gentle suggestive verbal cues and working with eyes closed serves as a generative framework for a very nice trip!!

Afternoon Session – We will dive into the fluid reality of state work. We will work with stolen and personally developed somatic exercises, scores, theories and compositional techniques that reference the inherent transience of states. We will incorporate an index of information pertaining to emotional/behavioral abnormalities, neurological disorders, Science Fiction, contemporary dance, numerous drug states and a golden age of disregarded practices such as abilities of the sixth sense.   We will address breath work and it’s power to activate and change our chemistry.  We will perform daily hour long structured improvisations that allow to us to go beyond what we think we know or are capable of. We will have time to discuss ask questions and write.

Jeremy Wade: "Solidity is just a phase" - Improvisation, Exploration, Composition
Time: Sat-Sun 20.–21.9., 10am-4pm (12 h)
Place: Zodiak Studio C4
Fee: 100€

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