Basic Spanish course through action. Learn a new language through movement, games, music and dance, in a relaxed atmosphere. This course covers basic elements such as greetings, introductions and essentials phrases. Bienvenidos!

Zodiak organises this workshop on kinesthetic language learning in co-operation with HERO (Helsinki Regional Diverse Learners’ Association). HERO is an advocacy organisation for diverse learners – adults and children with learning difficulties caused by dyslexia, for example. Members include professionals, parents and affected learners.

This workshop is intended for anyone who finds traditional language teaching methods difficult, or who wishes to try out action-based learning.

Dance teacher Annina Tuhkunen has studied and worked in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Peru.


Time: On Fridays 21.9.–23.11. From 4.30pm to 6pm, Total. 10 times
Location: Please Notice:  Erilaisen oppimisen keskus, Vilhonkatu 4, Helsinki
Course Fee: 60 €
Enrollment by 12.9. hero@lukihero.fi
Additional Information katja.kirsi@zodiak.fi