We have more and more difficulty to reach places with pre-defined proposals. We decided not to do that anymore (at least for now). We propose this workshop to be a "bumping" where the experience shocks us. Let's start the conversation with two pretexts:

1 - About the invention of a body: to experience the body as a polyphony, something that is both subject and object, that acts and is acted, that speaks and is spoken. A body that escapes from integrity, coherence, unity and embraces the deviation, the slit, the gagging, the holes. We venture to say that what interests us performatively is to activate a body that hears voices, that means, a body that hears itself as another.

2 - About the invention of a coexistence: We propose to think the coexistence instigated by the French writer Maurice Blanchot when he says that the conversation takes place in the blank, in the silence, between one speech and another.

We are interested in forging a coexistence that embraces separation, the abyss, the disagreement, the disjunction. Sometimes we read this and we think of nihilism, but no! Disagreement is friction, friction produces fire, fire heats up and is vital!

This is our invitation.

Saturday 10.2. at 11am - 2pm
Instructors: Marcela Levi ja Lucía Russo
Place: Zodiak studio C4
Duration: 3 h
Participation fee: 30 euro
Enrolment by 28.1.
Enrolment here.

Marcela Levi and Lucía Russo have collaborated through shared authorship since 2010 when they founded Improvável Produções in Rio de Janeiro. Levi graduated at the Angel Vianna Dance School in Rio de Janeiro. Russo studied Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires and dance at the European Dance Development Centre in Holland and the Rojas Cultural Center in Buenos Aires.

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