“This workshop - practices and examples, thinking and more examples - zooms in on the 2015 rise of dance as “detached” from choreography and signification. A dance produced in a post-critical environment gaining momentum through contemporary phenomena, spiritual practices, analogue and digital interfaces and current modes of remixing, editing and combining. Thoughts and people that, I think, articulate an entirely new operative system for dance.

Are we today experiencing the coming of Dance 2.0.? It is a dancing that has to or can allow itself a proactive incompatibility with tradition, canon, training, representation etc. of 20th century dance.

Two days, a journey through dance, choreography, visual art, politics and thought in order to figure out how it cannot be otherwise and how this is our lucky day, rendering dance a wild intensity. In between or around, all over the place we’ll dance together, wonderful dances that nobody needs to know about. It’s important to also know how not to produce emancipation but nevertheless be autonomous and have some real fun.” 

Mårten Spångberg is a choreographer living and working in Stockholm. His interests concern choreography in an expanded field, something that he has approached through experimental practices and creative process in a multiplicity of formats and expressions. He has been active on stage as performer and creator since '94, and has since '99 created his own choreographies, from solos to large-scale works that have toured internationally. From 1996–2005 Spångberg organised and curated festivals in Sweden and internationally.
 He initiated the network organisation INPEX in 2006. Spångberg has thorough experience in teaching both theory and practice and he acted as the director of the MA program in choreography at the University of Dance in Stockholm from 2008 to 2012. In 2011 his first book Spangbergianism was published.

The workshop is organised in collaboration with the Baltic Circle Festival. Spångberg's The Internet can bee seen at Baltic Circle Festival on 11-12 November. More info here: http://balticcircle.fi/en/events/the-internet/

Saturday to Sunday 14–15 Nov at 11–17
Instructor: Mårten Spångberg
Place: Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth Stage, Cable Factory, Door A, 2nd Floor
Duration: 2 sessions / 12 hours
Participation fee: 120 €
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