Zodiak’s programme is artistically curated. The work of the curators and the programme selections are primarily based on an open call for applications, but some productions will also emerge through collaboration projects and from other sources. We are now asking for programme suggestions for the years 2022–2025, in three different categories.

Zodiak has been a showcase of new contemporary dance thinking since 1986. Today, the art life of Helsinki is richer than ever before, but Zodiak’s goals are unchanged. We want to bring audiences together to experience new, surprising and pioneering contemporary dance productions and performances.

We are now looking for suggestions for the years 2022–2025. There are three production categories:

  • Zodiak Laboratory (autumn 2021 ja spring 2022)
  • Zodiak CoProduction (2022–2023)
  • Zodiak CoCommission (2023–2025)

There are two application deadlines:

  • Zodiak Laboratory and
  • Zodiak CoProduction: Deadline is Wednesday 14 October 2020.
  • Zodiak CoCommission: Deadline is Wednesday 4 November 2020.

We are looking for proposals that incorporate an essential relationship to dance and bodily performance, as well as an idea of  how to form an audience relationship. When choosing the program, attention is paid to the originality and clarity of the work ideas and choreographic thinking, as well as to the public relationship opened by the works.

For example, we encourage you to think and imagine the following:

  • What can the “new dance” entail in the 2020s?
  • What topics and visions need to be addressed in the coming years / now?
  • In what directions and by whom can contemporary dance and performance develop or make new openings?
  • What new public relations can the proposal create and give birth to?

The final selection will be based on the artistic whole formed by the different projects and how realistic their production potential is considering Zodiak’s production resources and schedules of each production year.

Zodiak's co-production contracts will change in early 2021. In the future, CoCommission and CoProduction co-production contracts will not be concluded with private individuals, but Zodiak's contractual partner must be a legally registered entity that can invoice Zodiak for co-production support. In Zodiak Laboratory category, a fee can also be paid to an individual.

The full Call with detailed instructions can be foudn under For Professionals > Call for Productions.