Zodiak, Cirko and Dance House Helsinki will launch a joint Open office in Helsinki in autumn 2024. These open pop-up offices will offer practical advice, discussion support and a shared workspace for artists and producers in the dance and circus fields.

During their joint Loisto project, the production and presenting houses have identified development needs that would contribute to strengthening the production environment and the capacity building of individual artists and operators. Freelancers, in particular, suffer from a lack of intermediaries, production assistance and meeting places. A stronger domestic environment is also a prerequisite for sustainable internationalisation. 

These issues will be addressed by launching a joint Open office to provide not only advice and discussion support on production, administration and internationalisation issues, but also space and time to work together and meet and share with colleagues. The aim is to support the skills development of individual artists and producers in a long-term and needs-driven way. The concept is inspired by similar models in Brussels (openoffice) and Geneva (Théâtre Grütlin Bureau des Compagnies).

The Open offices are free of cost and arranged once a month as informal places to meet and work together. Staff from the houses are there to offer advice, sparring and discussion support on production, administration, communication, internationalisation and career development. Sometimes there might be themes and presentations on key topics, but you can always come to the Open office with other issues that are topical for you. Our expertise focuses on dance and circus.

Open office is not a production service for following individual projects, nor does it play a part in the programming of the houses. Instead, the aim is to provide a space and time for questions and listening, for working together, and for meeting and sharing with colleagues. 

Autumn 2024 times and places:

  • Mon 2.9. at 13-17 in the Dance House Helsinki lobby

  • Mon 7.10. at 13-17 in the Dance House Helsinki lobby

  • Mon 4.11. at 13-17 in the Cirko offices

  • Mon 2.12. at 13-17 in Zodiak Stage

Follow Zodiak, Cirko and Dance House and stay tuned! Sign-ups will open about a month before the next Open office. When signing up, you can tell us in advance what you need help with in particular.

More information:
Katarina Lindholm, Zodiak: katarina.lindholm@zodiak.fi
Salla Kurronen, Cirko: salla.kurronen@cirko.fi

The Loisto 2022-2024 project has been carried out with proof-of-concept funding from the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation.