Zodiak is calling for people aged 16 to 120, who like to venture out and perform as a hobby, to be part of two performances: Cycle City and Get Down From There - and other remarks. These performances are included in Zodiak’s repertoire and will be performed around August and September 2021. Rehearsals will be set in May, June and August 2021.

The pieces will be rehearsed and performed outside, around Helsinki, whatever the weather. There is no requirement for experience in performance or dance. You can apply for both performances, keeping in mind the schedules. Participation is voluntary and there is no payment for either rehearsals or performances, as they are recreational activities. Both performances also have a professional cast.

NB! Detailed schedules you can find below. Please notice that it is necessary to commit to the rehearsals and performances. However due to the current pandemic situation, changes may occur. We follow the official government guidelines.

The deadline for applications is: Cycle City 20th of May and Get Down From There - and other remarks 10th of May! 


Cycle City 

Two people standing under a concrete bridge


Are you interested in the appearance of dance in everyday and public spaces? Of the moment, when something surprises and you get to share it with others? 

We are now looking for volunteers to participate in our performance, happening around the city of Helsinki, called Cycle City. The performances will be on 21st of August until the 5h of September (schedule below). Volunteers are needed in two roles: as bike guides and as performers, interested in experiencing the city with us. Both roles will be rehearsed in May to June and in August one to two times a week (weeks: 21, 22, 23, 31, 32, 33). 

The rehearsals will mainly be held on Wednesday evenings and some weekends. You can join in to all of the performances or choose a few. Please let us know your availability and preferences in the application form. We wish for you to have eagerness for dance and performing, but no prior experience is needed. Availability to move around the city is needed. The rehearsals will be held in finnish or in english, if needed. 

Cycle City is a concept created by choreographer Kira Riikonen and performer Tuukka Jukola. In the piece, you venture to Helsinki by biking around the central area, exploring the world and the artistic content by your mobile phone and headphones. The experience is a collaboration between a certain place, artistic content and the explorer, forming an immersive experience, where the moment of surprise of everyday life adds to its own. The places to experience, form two thematic routes (The Body of Helsinki ja The Soul of Helsinki) and to experience them rush free, will take about 2,5-3 hours. There are performative moments in the routes.”

You can apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScRdBoxMwOg__ig8bOHeaQ9-izHzwqHeCaN0JaHoZCb2g62Pw/viewform?usp=sf_link 

The deadline for applications is on 20th of May 2021! 

Performance schedule

  • Sat 21.8.2021 1st performance at 13:00 + 2nd performance at 13:30
  • Sun 22.8.2021 3rd performance at 13:00 + 4th performance at 13:30
  • Tue 24.8.2021 5th performance at 18:00 + 6th performance at 18:30 
  • Wed 25.8.2021 7th performance at 18:00 + 8th performance at 18:30 
  • Thu 26.8.2021 9th performance at 18:00 + 10th performance at 18:30 
  • Sat 28.8.2021 11th performance at 10:00 + 12th performance at 10:30 
  • Sun 29.8.2021 13th performance at 13:00 + 14th performance at 13:30 
  • Tue 31.8.2021 15th performance at 18:00 + 16th performance at 18:30 
  • Wed 1.9.2021 17th performance at 18:00 + 18th performance at 18:30 
  • Thu 2.9.2021 19th performance at 18:00 + 20th performance at 18:30 
  • Sat 4.9.2021 21th performance at 10:00 + 22th performance at 10:30 
  • Sun 5.9.2021 23th performance at 10:00 + 24th performance at 10:30 

More information: Heidi Hattunen, production assistant 0504346605 /  heidi.hattunen@zodiak.fi 


Get Down From There – and other remarks

Jukka Tarvainen is walking on some pollards
Photo: Elina Häyrynen


Get Down From There – and other remarks is looking for 2 to 10 volunteer performers between 16-120 years. The performances take place during 20.-28.8.2021 and will be rehearsed in May-June and in August. The rehearsals will be held in Finnish. The participants will be selected based on the diversity of the group and the number of selected participants will be determined by the official COVID restrictions. 

The performance is directed by dance artist Jukka Tarvainen. It will take place at The Wall, a sculpture by artist Joni Kärkkäinen that will be located on Töölönlahti bay during the Helsinki Biennial on 12.6–26.9. The Wall is a functional sculpture on which anyone can climb, jump, hang out or spend their time freely.

In the artistic process urban environment and The Wall will be approached with means of contemporary dance and parkour, also keeping an open mind for other possible forms of expression and ways of being. In addition, moving and existing in a public space are also observed as well as the pressures, perceptions and experiences in connection to it.

Jukka Tarvainen, the choreographer of the piece, has a long experience in parkour. In addition to the volunteer performers there will be two professional dancers and two parkour professionals. However the volunteers are not required to have previous experience from dance or parkour, but the call is also open for anyone who has a background in either. 

If you wish to apply as a participant, send us a short description of yourself and of your interest through the application link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScKziMxN1lxRw1jS6ZKHLPwvAKh5qF61uKTLKFeUXvscrqK6A/viewform?usp=pp_url

The deadline for applications is 10.5.2021 at 12.00 AM

The performer choices will be announced on 12.5. and rehearsals will start on 17.5.

NOTE! The chosen volunteers should be able to take part in all rehearsals and performances.


May-June 2021

  • Mon 17.5. at 18-20.30
  • Thu 20.5.at 18-20.30
  • Mon 24.5.at 18-20.30
  • Thu 27.5.at 18-20.30
  • Mon 31.5.at 18-20.30
  • Thu 3.6.at 18-20.30
  • Mon 7.6.at 18-20.30
  • Wed 9.6.at 18-20.30
  • Thu 10.6.at 18-20.30
  • Fri 11.6.at 18-20.30
  • (Sat 12.6.at 18-20.30, to be confirmed later)

August 2021

  • Mon 2.8.at 18-21
  • Wed 4.8.at 18-21
  • Thu 5.8. at 18-21
  • Mon 9.8. at 18-21
  • Wed 11.8. at 18-21
  • Thu 12.8. at 18-21
  • Mon 16.8. at 19-22.30
  • Wed 18.8. at 19-22.30
  • Thu 19.8. at 19-22.30 (general rehearsal 21)


  • Fri 20.8. at 21-22 (premiere)
  • Sat 21.8 at 21-22 
  • Mon 23.8. at 21-22 
  • Tue 24.8. at 21-22 
  • Fri 27.8. at 21-22 
  • Sat 28.8. at 21-22 

More information: Anna Murtola, producer. 044 5339 620 /  anna.murtola@zodiak.fi