Dramaturgy’s “what and how” are to be invented anew with each creative process, though the accumulation of experience may very well provide a multiple springboard for sharing knowledge within the field. Informed by his longstanding collaboration with dramaturg Jeroen Peeters choreographer Martin Nachbar will lead a workshop centered around what they call “physical dramaturgy”.

Physical dramaturgy seeks to explore and exhaust the realm of meaning triggered by moving bodies, as well as the various materials and ideas that populate a creation process. In order to facilitate artistic research within a creative process, it insists on analyzing one’s own practice and stimulating an awareness of the underpinnings and contexts of one’s work.

Physical dramaturgy embraces an ethics of collaboration and regards practice and theory, research and making, movement and reflection as imbricated activities: as an oscillating in-between space it may become a discursive site, a place that enables a critical understanding of time, space, perception, and the production of meaning.

Physical dramaturgy entails a set of methods and strategies, such as: creating containers of materials; post-it sessions; walking around a conceptual scene; writing, mapping and drawing exercises; putting discourse to a literal and physical test; exhaustive reading of bodies wrapped in choreography; shifting awareness toward intention, physical precision, conceptual clarity or urgency; inquiring into the specificity of different formats.

Martin Nachbar, Berlin, is choreographer and performer. He also writes about his processes and practices, and publishes in various contexts. He trained at SNDO, Amsterdam, in New York, at PARTS, Brussels. As a dancer he has worked with Les Ballets C. de la B., Vera Mantero, Thomas Lehmen and Meg Stuart, to name some.  Nachbar has been entertaining a recurring curiosity for collaboration (with choreographers Thomas Plischke, Alice Chauchat, Jochen Roller, Martine Pisani and visual artist Paul Hendrikse), with the long-standing collaboration with writer, dramaturg and performer Jeroen Peeters as most consistent and influential.

When: From Friday to Sunday 18.-20.5. 10.00am- 3.00pm, 15 hours in total

Where: Zodiak Studio C4

Fee: 80€

Please register by 4.5. katja.kirsi@zodiak.fi