Tomi Paasonen's 2nd Nature is a sci-fi style spectacle of plenty, where Ilpo Väisänen (Pan Sonic, Angel) creates soundscapes for three dancers and three robots. This offbeat horror satire tries to take flight of its own message through a number of different genres, while investigating man-made vacuum of opulence as if through the lens of a nature documentary.

The performance examines the human being as an entity that reacts and exhibits symptoms in an ecosystem of artificiality. It also analyses our complicated relationship with machines – which increasingly rule our lives. The movements, sets and costumes of 2nd Nature are rooted in the ordinary, everyday habits of human beings that we no longer notice because the man-made world has been taken for granted for so long.

Long-time Berlin resident, choreographer, director and media artist Tomi Paasonen presently works as the artistic curator of the ITAK Regional Dance Center of Eastern Finland. Zodiak has previously staged Paasonen's works, including Olotila (‘State of Being’, 2000) and MONOGRAM – a signature piece (2011). His 2nd Nature premiered on 28 August 2014 in Kuopio.

Guest performance

Direction, choreography, costume design, set design Tomi Paasonen
Performers Ilpo Väisänen, Salla-Maria Santos, Ville Nylén, Maija Karhunen, Roxanne Xiaoping, Vilma, Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition Quadricopter
Live music Ilpo Väisänen
Robots Jukka Horsmanheimo
Lighting design Sam Siltavuori
Costume assistant and seamstress Elina Ström
Productional assistance Isabel González / Arts Management Helsinki
Production ITAK The Regional Dance Center of Eastern Finland, Dance Theatre Minimi, JoJo – Oulu Dance Center, PAA (Public Artistic Affairs), 2nd Nature -working group.
Photo Petra Tiihonen

Promotional materials, costumes and set design realized in collaboration with Oulu waste management.

Post-performance discussion on 21.2.

Duration 1 h 25 min

Tickets 23/15 €