Zodiak season ends with an evocative and documentary guest performance from Kainuu. Loyal to her characteristic style, the choreographer Kirsi Saastamoinen has stepped out of the black box and challenged choreography to work on society’s terms. Drawing from real life her choreography acts as a channel to the thoughts and realms of different people.

Multilevelled duet AmazinGRace is constructed by using verbal and bodily comments  of dozens of people coming from different social backgrounds and life situations. Documentary material on today’s society, existence, happiness and worry has been brought together by using dance, video and theatre to form an effective entity.


Kirsi Saastamoinen AmazinGRace

Choreography Kirsi Saastamoinen
Dance Kirsi Saastamoinen, Heikki Törmi
Video editing Niko Kurola, Heikki Törmi
Light design Niko Kurola, työryhmä
Set design Markku Hernetkoski, Soile Savela
Costume design Soile Savela
Premiere 15.4.2010, Kajaani
Production Routa

Helsinki premiere 10.12.

Post-performance discussion 11.12.

Tickets 20/12 €