Andrea Zanoli's documentary that follows choreographer Silvia Gribaudi's work with women over 60.

Silvia Gribaudi is an Italian performer and choreographer. Her constant research on unusual and 'invisible' bodies has led her to work over the last decade with women 'over 60', gently accompanying them to cross the boundaries imposed by society. Light, humorous but full of heart and rigorous awareness, this documentary follows the beautiful exploration of a choreographer who begins a journey to the rediscovery of a body in continuous and uncontrollable transformation.

Andrea Zanoli’s Notes

OVERTOUR was born from the need to crystallize the artistic research of choreographer Silvia Gribaudi. Over the last decade Silvia has experimented with new forms of movement, through the relationship with women over 60 throughout Italy. A journey outside and inside herself, a new beginning both for the artist and for the women she meets during his journey. The film is therefore a reflection on change, on the aging of the body and on the possibility of overcoming the limitations – physical and social – that derive from it, transforming them into artistic, poetic and political action.

Silvia Gribaudi’s entire work is permeated by a subtle balance between irony, poetry and awareness. The documentary also tries to adapt to this style, alternating formal and biographical reflections, light and ironic moments and real video-dance performances.

Silvia Gribaudi’s Notes

I am grateful to this film because it manages to tell, and transform into a permanent trace the story of women whom I respect and admire, for their courage to seize in an instant the freedom that movement can contain. The relationship with them, in the workshops and in the work meetings, has confirmed the direction I want to deepen in my search as a performer and artist: these women teach us the ability to be in the moment, to live the essence beyond structures, to be in the present time without being slaves to form, clichés, habits and culture.


Silvia Gribaud's stage work Graces at Dance House Helsinki on Fri, Feb 10 and Sat, Feb 11.