“The idea of this performance originated a long time ago in a workshop in which a dancer told me I had a very long neck. This incident triggered me to reflect on the conventionalized perception we have of the body.”

ANECKXANDER by the young Belgian circus and dance artist Alexander Vantournhout and dramaturge Bauke Lievens, examines how the gaze of the Other reduces our identity to a number of physical andexternal features such as disproportions and vulnerabilities.

This movement research piece is performed naked. The body bends into bizarre and confronting positions. In this way the thin line between horror and empathy is simultaneously been explored and exposed. What appears is a tragic autobiography of the body.

Alexander Vantournhout studied at Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC) in Brussels, where he specialized in single wheel. In 2010 he enrolled at P.A.R.T.S (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios), the Brussels based school of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.

ANECKXANDER was selected as one of the Aerowaves Twenty 16 performances. It premiered on June 2015 at PERPLX Festival (Marke, BE).



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Guest performance

Performer Alexander Vantournhout
Concept Alexander Vantournhout, Bauke Lievens
Dramaturgy Bauke Lievens
Light design Tim Oelbrandt
Costumes Nefeli Myrtidi, Anne Vereecke
External eye Anneleen Keppens, Lore Missine, Geert Belpaeme
Coproducers PERPLX, Marke (BE), CircusNext (JTCE)
Residencies Vooruit/Gent (BE), Subsitances (FR), Centro Cultural Vila Flor / Guimarães (PT), Circuscentrum (BE), De Warande-Turnhout (BE), PERPLX, Marke (BE), Les Migrateurs | Strasbourg (FR), Subtopia/Stockholm (SE), cc De Spil / Roeselare (BE)
With the help of Flemish Government, West-flemish government, CircusNext

Photo Bart Grietens

The visit is supported by Aerowaves and the Creative Europe Programme of the EU.

Post-performance discussion on 10.3.

Duration 45 min

Tickets 23/15 €