Dancing with Social Distance creates a space for meeting people without physical contact in this state of emergency. Taking place on the Zoom online platform, Dancing with Social Distance is an opportunity to dance together in a simple way.

Due to the COVID-19 virus we are forced to isolate. Through this project we are trying to find a way to stay in contact and to express our feelings of what is happening around us through movement. We are offering an online appointment to dance the virus away for a fleeting moment. 

The session has a simple structure where we take turns in mirroring each other's movement and in witnessing each other’s dance. During Side Step Festival 2021, the sessions will feature as dancers – in addition to the creators of the concept Angela Aldebs and Kati Raatikainen – Akim Bakhtaoui, Samuli Emery, Karolina Ginman, Elina Hauta-aho, Kati Korosuo, Vera Nevanlinna, Kardo Shiwan and Virva Talonen.

How to participate

The sessions are meant for people of all ages: children can participate with a parent/grown-up. The meeting platform is Zoom. The maximum length of one session is 30 minutes.

Each ticket buyer will be sent an individual link. Please remember to fill in your email adress when buying a tickets.

If you have any questions, please contact producer Elina Ruoho-Kurola / Zodiak.


The concept was born as a part of the Valokeilassa koillinen art project during the spring of 2020. The project is actualized by two performance artists Angela Aldebs and Kati Raatikainen

Angela worked as an artist through the association Artists at Risk in AR-Safe Haven Helsinki in 2020. The residency was implemented in collaboration with the Finnish National Theater and Zodiak.

Kati is a Helsinki based choreographer working in the Valokeilassa Koillinen project in Zodiak, interested in the variety of possibilities within the performance art.


3.2. Wed

klo 18-18:30 Kardo Shiwan
klo 19-19:30 Kardo Shiwan

4.2. Thu 

klo 10-10:30 Vera Nevanlinna
klo 17-17:30 Kardo Shiwan

5.2. Fri

klo 15-15:30 Vera Nevanlinna
klo 16-16:30 Vera Nevanlinna
klo 18-18:30 Elina Hauta-aho
klo 19-19:30 Samuli Emery 

6.2. Sat 

klo 13-13:30 Elina Hauta-aho
klo 14-14:30 Elina Hauta-aho
klo 15-15:30 Samuli Emery
klo 16-16:30 Samuli Emery 

7.2. Sun  

klo 13-13:30 Angela Aldebs
klo 14-14:30 Angela Aldebs
klo 15-15:30 Angela Aldebs
klo 16-16:30 Karolina Ginman
klo 17-17:30 Karolina Ginman 

9.2. Tue 

klo 10-10:30 Kati Raatikainen
klo 11-11:30  Kati Raatikainen
klo 15-15:30 Kati Raatikainen
klo 18-18:30 Karolina Ginman 

10.2. Wed

klo 15-15:30 Virva Talonen
klo 17-17:30
Kati Korosuo 

11.2. Thu

klo 13-13:30  Virva Talonen
klo 14-14:30  Virva Talonen
klo 18-18:30  Kati Korosuo
klo 19-19:30
 Kati Korsuo 

12.2. Fri  

klo 18-18:30 Akim Bakhtaoui

13.2. Sat 

klo 14-14:30 Akim Bakhtaoui
klo 15-15:30 Akim Bakhtaoui