to be brutally honest is a saturated and pathetic limbo where they try to activate a struggling, beloved, violence accepting body to respond.

oh NO it's this kind of horrible threedee:
rather that kind of GOOD-OL' (?!)
there it IS!!
i scurry as fast as my mangy legs can POSSIBLY withstand! pant pant MUNCH
but YIKES I dawn on my silencedness
I bet I'm right on their hocks...
I lurk prepare catch. THAT WILY rascal got past me after all!!!!?!!
I’m sinking deeper & deeper into the pondering abyss of quicksand it almost swallows me whole, I’m latching onto my art like a railing, precioussssand!
I ́m strugglin ́...............................................................!
well, waddya know, now it went and fell off the cliff, cheese head!!
run, my colleague, run!!!! DANGERRRRRRcomeinsidenow!! SAVE YOURSELF!

our time is oozing out of us, noooo, let’s just wait on our own turfs, a sign and a frugal prickly hedge, comic relief / cosmic belief, eyes fingers crossed, CRUNCH cognitive dissonance and corruption norm, preferably half-dead speech-bubbled wallowing, keep it up!! xoxo, wouldn’t it be a blast if the end really meant your last exhale, etc. this me right here just lounging with the comics Climate Conditioning Cry-Cis and The White Wannabe of ViolenceVille (it eez what it eez), and lol for sure, I’m masking from my morality, a BITTER diffuse laughter (?) SLOWLY but surely! but QUICK, hand me the fucking ©


Event organizers: Samuli Emery & Jessica Piasecki
Animation artist: Antti Kemppainen
Sound artist: Aino Ojala
Mentors: Laura Lehtinen & Eetu Viren
Production: Zodiak, Samuli Emery & Jessica Piasecki