To ask for something important from another person has a special dimension and function in life. Such requests create the possibility for change; to respond affirmatively is to shift reality, in a direct and profound way.


Thomas Lehmen is a renowned choreographer, dancer and teacher from Germany. Zodiak’s Side Step Festival has presented his works Schreibstück in 2003 and Lehmen lernt in 2011.

Lehmen’s new piece „Bitte..." is a Finnish-German collaboration, created by five strong dancer-choreographers: Hermann Heisig, Eeva Muilu, Vera Nevanlinna, Liisa Risu and Thomas Lehmen himself.


The piece is performed in English.


Supported by:

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„BITTE...” ("PLEASE...")

Concept, choreography Thomas Lehmen,
Dance Hermann Heisig, Thomas Lehmen, Eeva Muilu, Vera Nevanlinna, Liisa Risu
Dramaturgical collaboration Claudia La Rocco
Choreographic assistance Alyssa Gersony
Production Christine Peterges, Thomas Lehmen
Co-production Zodiak – Center for New Dance, PACT Zollverein

Supported by
Kunststiftung NRW, Land NRW, Goethe Institut Helsinki, Kordelin Foundation, Goethe Institut Seoul, HIAP

The performance has been realized with the support of the DÉPARTS network. DÉPARTS is funded by the European Commission (Culture Programme).

Photo Wiebke Rompel

Thanks to Arizona State University

Post-performance discussion 3.10.

Tickets 20/12 €