camouflage, by choreographer Sonya Lindfors and working group, examines the act of looking and the politics of the gaze.

Camouflage (eng): The use of any combination of materials, coloration or illumination for concealment, disguise, mimesis, simulation or falsification

The work constructs a multilayered landscape where things are both revealed and covered. Under the variegated surface is a speculative (auto) fiction, where the Artist reveals their trick. But not everything is what it looks like.

Sonya Lindfors is a Helsinki-based choreographer and the artistic director of the UrbanApa art collective. With her work, Lindfors aims to undermine oppressive power structures and facilitate spaces for collective dreaming.

Working group: Sonya Lindfors, Esete Sutinen, Zen Jefferson, Elisa Tuovila, Johanna Karlberg, Riikka Lakea, Lydia Östberg Diakité, Pauliina Sjöberg, Sanna Levo, Erno Aaltonen, Jussi Matikainen, Tuure Kaukua
Outside eyes: Sara Melleri, Elina Pirinen, Aune Kallinen.
Residency: Reykjavik Dance Festival / NREP

Production: Zodiak, Sonya Lindfors, UrbanApa, Stoa