Who and what is cheap in the global economy and in political decision-making?
What kinds of embodiment does being cheap suggest?

What does cheap production mean in the context of performing arts and in the experience of the performer? What kind of aesthetics does cheap production evoke?

Thinking ecologically, what does cheap performance mean? Could cheap mean not buying new things, or do you just have to buy new things at low cost? Is “cheap” perhaps scarcity and simply a requirement to maintain the diversity of life on Earth?

Choreographer Kati Raatikainen navigates herself through cheap territory, trying to identify what kinds of performance, embodied social participation and ways of coping with life the notion of cheap suggests.

Raatikainen builds her solo performance out of various cheap phenomena she encountered during one year of artistic work and discussions with a Romani beggar she met on the streets of Helsinki.



Concept, choreography, performance, space, light, sound and costumes Kati Raatikainen
Sound design support Markku Essel
Performing on tape and video anonymous person
Video Salla Keskinen, anonymous person
Production Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Kati Raatikainen
Photos Salla Keskinen

Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Kone Foundation

Pre-talk 15.3. at 18 15–18:45
Post-performance discussion on Mar 19.

Performance language English

Tickets 27,50/20,50/16,50 €

Doble-bill with
Anna Kupari – Outi Markkula
Dance Performance at 2 pm

Duration of the double-bill 90 min