They say that you form a connection with another person by being truthful about yourself, about your incompleteness, imperfections and untruthfulness. That truly meeting another human being is therapeutic. But I don't know what is too private to share, and shame prevents me from doing it – or pride. Or perhaps they are the same thing. I wonder if you are like me? Do you hide the same things? Are ashamed like me? Think the same heavy thoughts as I? Does anyone else live like me?

Me. Me. Me.

Come Undone is a solo dance performance. The workgroup – five times me – creates a performance out of loneliness, out of the need to share and the fear of coming out.

Come Undone is the first choreography by Ninu Lindfors, better known as a dancer. The team is completed by Riitta Röpelinen, Erno Aaltonen and Kasperi Laine, who are familiar from many projects and performances. Dance and performance artist Maija Mustonen participates as Lindfors' assistant choreographer.


Choreography and dance Ninu Lindfors
Assistant choreographer Maija Mustonen
Costume and set design Riitta Röpelinen
Lighting design Erno Aaltonen
Music and sound design Kasperi Laine
Production Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Ninu Lindfors

Photo Uupi Tirronen

Pre-talk on 1.10. 18 15-18:45.
Post-performance discussion on 7.10.

Duration 30 min. Duration of the double-bill: 1 hrs 30 min.

Tickets 23/15 €

Double-bill evening with
Carl Knif
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