On Friday, Feb 12 you can surrender to the possibility of fleeting one-on-one performances at the Cruising for Art club, organized in the Pannuhalli Foyer.

 Cruising for Art, created by Brian Lobel (UK/US) is a tingling and exciting way to experience intimate and interactive miniature performances in a club context. A group of Finnish dance artists and European dance artists are spread throughout the club. So grab a bandana and find yourself an artist!

Audience members cruise around the club hoping to make eye contact with a performer. If the audience member and Cruising artist connect through a wink of the eye, the Cruising artist brings the audience member to a private space for a 1-to-1 performance. All performances are different – some will be funny, some provocative, some personal, some sexual, some simple, some meditative... 

“Mischievous living installation.” – The Guardian 

“Funny, illuminating, disgusting, brilliant and of questionable legality, Cruising for Art was one of the best nights out Brighton’s seen this year.” – G-Scene

The club is organized by Dance House Helsinki, in collaboration with Zodiak.


Created by Brian Lobel (UK/US)
Performances, music and interventions by local and visiting artists (TBC)
Production Tanssin talo, in collaboration with Zodiak – Center for New Dance

Photos Christa Holka

Entrance to the club klo 20–22
Club open until klo 21–24
Age limit 18+

A joined ticket to the club and the performance of Hiljaiset tunteet on 12.2. 30/20 €
Single ticket for the club 10 €
Zodiak's season ticket is not valid to the club