Days without Names is the third instalment of choreographer Maija Hirvanen’s Operation We. The parts of the trilogy are independent, standalone performances each exploring from a different perspective the question of what unites the people of today. What is ‘we’ made of? The last part of the trilogy looks at how dance could act as an agent of “we”.

The performers transform themselves through costumes made for this modern stage ritual, and will speak out spells, sounds and the whole universe. They take a wireless connection to the ancient spirits and spin themselves off balance. In the whirl of the staged ritual, the new and the unknown are mixed with ancient, shared knowledge, conveyed by the dancing bastard shamans.

The performances at Stoa were a part of the Baltic Circle Festival. After the festival the performances continued at Zodiak Stage.


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Choreography, direction, texts, dramaturgy Maija Hirvanen
Performers Fornier Ortiz, Tuovi Rantanen, Aino Voutilainen
Sound design Mikko Hynninen
Lighting design Heikki Paasonen
Costume design Jouko Korkeasaari, Ville Häkkinen
Discussion partner of the choreographer Riikka Pelo
Assistant of sound designer Ville Kabrell
Production Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Baltic Circle Festival, Stoa
Residencies Atalante (Göteborg), Theaterdiscounter (Berlin)
Performance photos Aki-Pekka Sinikoski

The work is realised within the framework of Global City – Local City project, funded by the European Commission (Culture Programme).

Post-performance discussion 20.11.

Tickets 25/15 €
Ticket reservations Stoa/Baltic Circle Lippupalvelu (Ticket Service)
Ticket reservations Zodiak Stage Tiketti and on weekedays 11:00–16:00 from Zodiak, 044 094 4948

STOA 14.–16.11.
ZODIAK STAGE 20.–26.11.