Can dance capture the essence of a close friendship? Can we respond to dance with the same warmth we feel towards a dear friend? A Good Friend is a duet performed and choreographed by Kati Korosuo and Eliisa Erävalo. Humorously documenting a long friendship, it attempts to portray the experience of this close relationship through choreography. The artists use movement to express generosity, selflessness and vulnerability, while also examining friendship as a method and ideological framework. To see and be seen, to share and to accept all – even those moments of loneliness and imperfection.


Choreography, dance Eliisa Erävalo & Kati Korosuo
Sound design Hannu Hauta-aho
Lighting design Anton Verho
Photos Johanna Tirronen
Production Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Eliisa Erävalo, Kati Korosuo

Double-bill evening with Thank You For Your Love by Anna Mustonen & Masi Tiitta

Tickets 20/12 €

Post-performance discussion 23.2.