Flow Finland (since 2005) is a traditional, national parkour tour of Finnish Parkour Organization. A free of charge and open for all parkour jam will be organized in each city of the tour.

The date for Helsinki is 22.8. and the event  will be organized as part of The Wall, an art installation produced by Zodiak - Center for New Dance and which is part of the off-programme of the Helsinki Biennal.

Before the jam there is a workhop for beginners! The workshop starts at 11 AM at The Wall at the Töölönlahti park, after which the jam will continue in the same spot. In time, the jam will proceed to the next chosen parkour spot.

SPY (Finnish Parkour Organization) wishes everyone welcome! If you are joining for the first time, you can have instruction from more experienced parkour practitioners also on the other spots of the day. The events are free and open for all interested in the sport, regardless of skills, age or gender.