In Human Disguise is a co-creation by choreographer Eeva Muilu and theatre director Milja Sarkola. The piece will be performed at the Stage Festival’s Finnish Case-programme in August.

The premiere of the piece in 2009 brought about a lot of discussion and attention. In Human Disguise treats the body as an anatomical animal seen in awkward positions from strange angles. The piece explores the wonder and weirdness of the human form when the naked flesh is stripped of all social  and cultual status symbols.

”What makes us human in other people’s eyes? What is human disguise? There’s enough sociological perspective for one piece.” Maria Säkö, Helsingin Sanomat 7.11.2009

Stage Helsinki Theatre -festival

Eeva Muilu & Milja Sarkola Ihmisen asussa (In Human Disguise)

Choreography and Direction Eeva Muilu, Milja Sarkola
Performers Joanna Haartti, Monika Hartl, Niina Hosiasluoma, Hanna Raiskinmäki
Visual design Kaisa Rasila, Monika Hartl
Lighting design Heikki Paasonen
Production Zodiak – Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Dance Arena ry/ Moving in November, Eeva Muilu & Milja Sarkola

Tickets 25/22/16 €