Human Interface is a piece for two dancers and two industrial robots by dancer-choreographer Thomas Freundlich. The programmed movements of the robots are mechanically precise, yet surprisingly human. The robots are like animate beings with human personalities, the equals of their human dance partners. The groundbreaking technology used in this production enables safe movement – for the first time ever – within the immediate proximity of industrial robots. Pannuhalli provides an interesting post-industrial backdrop for the unforeseen encounter between robots and humans.




Choreography, programming Thomas Freundlich
Dance Tanja Illukka, Thomas Freundlich
Set design Markku Salo
Lighting design Mia Kivinen
Music Rene Ertomaa
Robots, technical advice ABB
Photos Johanna Tirronen
Production Zodiak – Center for New dance, Thomas Freundlich

Tickets 20/12 €

Post-performance discussion 30.5.