Dancer-choreographers Panu Varstala and Marjo Kuusela, together with director Vihtori Rämä aka Masi W. Eskolin, immerse into the relationships between text and dance in their creation Whose hands. How can written and spoken text create a strong and ambiguous space with dance, or against it? What happens between dance and text?

The piece premiered at Full Moon Dance Festival in 2012.

Whose hands respects the stage – and everything that can take place there. In addition to the stage characters, there is live music composed and performed by Joakim Berghäll and Varstala, and strong images – an absurd chaos.

Marja Hannula, Helsingin Sanomat 26.7.2012.

Guest performance

Concept, choreography, dance and composition Panu Varstala
Choreography and dance Marjo Kuusela
Interpretation on the stage Masi W. Eskolin
Composition Joakim Berghäll
Lighting design, projections Tiiti Hynninen
Costume design Anne Kotola
Photos Marko Mäkinen
Production Taideosuuskunta Apinatarha

Post-performance discussion 15.2

Tickets 22/14 €