The world is predicted to end in 2012.

This is the last dance.

The piece explores the concept of beauty and dead and living bodies.

The world’s last dance becomes unique. After that, the universe is destroyed.

We are honoured to escort you to the end.


Janina Rajakangas and group have created this piece in Zodiak and in residence at Barker-Theatre, Turku.


In performances 27.11., 29.11. and 1.12., there is a showing of Last dance, performance by participants from a workshop led by Janina Rajakangas and team. Showing begins one hour before performance and lasts about 30 minutes.


Janina Rajakangas Last Dance Before the End of the World

Choreography Janina Rajakangas
Dance Rea-Liina Brunou, Janina Rajakangas, Jukka Tarvainen, Laura Vesterinen
Sound design Jouni Tauriainen
Light design Vespa Laine
Set design Laura Sariola
Dramaturg Niina Miettinen
Production Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Janina Rajakangas
In collaboration with Barker-Theatre, Turku

Post-performance discussion 1.12.

Tickets 20/12 €