one is the swing between the birch trees
the hut high up in the trees where the forest road ends
   so wide, so wide is the land
one is the wooden chest of little drawers
of buttons zippers ribbons and thread
   so small, so small is the land
one is the crackle of burning firewood, the bird that sings
the abundant mossy field of blueberries
   when so beautiful was the land
one is the lake that blinds the eye
   so beautiful, so beautiful is the land

Small, medium-sized and big things. Place on Earth, directed by dancer-choreographer Ninu Lindfors, is a story about longing, yearning for comfort, and perspectives; of a journey towards a place that is not easy to find. It is constantly in motion and always going somewhere. For we are longing for somewhere different, looking for something different, just because.

Yet that something can be close enough to taste – like sugar on the tip of your tongue.

Taittuu ry, a non-profit organisation led by director Hannele Martikainen, has worked against marginalisation and for a more equal society through prison theatre for more than a decade. Place on Earth is a collaboration with six women from the Vanaja prison.


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Choreography and direction Ninu Lindfors
Performers Vanajan vankilan naiset
Directional and dramaturgial dialogue Hannele Martikainen
Costumes Tommi Haapaniemi
Spatial design Salla Salin
Lighting design Pekka Pitkänen
Sound design and music Janne Masalin
Production Taittuu ry, Vanajan vankila, Zodiak
In collaboration Criminal Sanctions Agency
Photo Heini Lehväslaiho

Post-performance discussion on Sat, Jan 25

Tickets 30,50/24,50/16,50 €